Crane Repair:


Overhead Crane Sales and Service is leading the way in the overhead crane service industry.


Losing a single hour of production time costs you money!  That’s why OCS technicians provide you with top-quality overhead crane and hoist repairs, crane maintenance and hoist parts delivery to keep your overhead crane and hoist up and running.


OCS is dedicated to serving you with the quality overhead crane and hoist repair and maintenance service you need, when you need it.


OCS technicians are trained at troubleshooting and repairs for all makes and model of cranes. Our technicians will identify and correct the cause of the breakdown with prompt, reliable and cost effective results.


Do not hesitate to contact us for your Emergency service and repair needs.



Crane Inspection:


Your cranes are subject to OSHA 1910.179 standards. Overhead Crane Sales and Service will provide qualified inspectors to inspect your overhead cranes and hoistsso that you can maintain full compliance with OSHA standards.


Thorough crane and hoist inspection can save your company significant amount of time and money.  These inspections are not just for compliance reasons, they make sense from a safety, production and profit stand point as well.


High quality crane and hoist inspections are the best investment you can make toyour material handling program.  We never cut corners when it comes to inspections and neither should you.   It’s the key component to a true safety program.


OCS has trained inspectors that check critical electrical, mechanical, and structural components for safety and proper operation.


OCS offers Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual crane inspection for all types of overhead cranes and hoists.


OCS offers equipment load testing with load test certification for all types of overhead cranes and hoists.


Do not hesitate to contact to schedule your Overhead Crane and material handling inspections.




As your business changes, so might your material handling needs. Modernization and retrofitting your overhead crane system is a cost-efficient means for ensuring less down time.  The process involves upgrading existing overhead crane and hoist equipment to extend the system’s usable life while improving its overall ability to handle materials and goods more efficiently.


OCS can evaluate and upgrade your existing overhead crane and hoist to bring your system into line with your current industry needs.


All upgrades are reviewed by OCS engineering department.


                Modernization Services:

                                Increase Crane and Runway Capacity

                                Major Components Upgrade

                                Update Electrical Control

                                Installation of Radio Control Systems

                                Modernize Electrification System


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